July 7, 2016

About Gozo Biotech Consulting


Gozo Biotechnology Consulting is an independent company formed in 2016 by Dr. Kjell Eriksson. The company is involved consulting in the downstream purification area of the biotech industry.

Specialized in chromatography unit operations, process development and optimization, productivity and economic simulations. Expertise in both the monoclonal antibody and biosimilar areas.


DSCN5089Dr Kjell Eriksson

Owner and senior consultant of Gozo Biotech Consulting

35 years experience in the biotech field

Ph D in Biochemistry from Uppsala University, Sweden

Worked in academia from 1981 to 1993 (Uppsala University, Monash University and Indiana University)

1994 to 2016 in industry (JT Baker and GE Healthcare Life Sciences). From 1998 at GE Healthcare LS (formerly Amersham Biosciences).

Expertise in downstream processing, chromatography, process development and optimization, productivity and economic simulations, project management, and lecturing in downstream processing.

Managed several downstream purification projects; i.e. developing purification processes for monoclonal antibody, insulin and an interferon. Dr Eriksson has extensive consulting experience advising customers how to optimally use various unit operation procedures to solve their bioseparation challenges. In his time at GE Healthcare he collaborated with colleagues at large biopharma companies and assisted biotech start ups.

List of scientific publications